Press Released : A tribute to the humble press release

About Press Released

Press Released is a tribute to the humble press release, proving expert tips, templates and learning tutorials for anyone writing press releases.

What is a press release?

We will explore what a press release is, how it can and should be used and how it perhaps shouldn't with real world examples.

How to write a press release

Stay tuned for tips on how to write a press release - whether it's grappling with your first ever PR, a quick refresher, or you've a hardened PR pro with writer's block (yes it happens to PROs too!).

Press release templates

Stop - there is NO SUCH THING as a press release template or a magic formula where you pop in your news and new products and a perfect journalist-ready PR rolls pops out the other end. It's both an art and a process to communicate effectively. There are, however, some useful reference documents we can share with you to help spark ideas and check you're on track.

That's alot of promises?

Well if you start writing, it helps to have an idea what you want to achieve. That's one of our tips, so why not bookmark this page now and come back to see if we're keeping up our end of the deal.